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Corporate Responsibility

Responsible leadership in all facets of a company is a driving force in our business strategy. We pride ourselves in our proactive approach and multiple initiatives to become leaders in corporate responsibility. We have identified three key areas that encompass our mission to become good corporate citizens. These are our responsibility to ourselves, our responsibility to the environment, and finally, our social responsibility.  John McKenna, President and Chief Executive Officer, summarizes, "All of the key ingredients necessary to succeed are spelled out for you. We have a responsibility to our employees to ensure they continue to excel and succeed. Social responsibility is having a common sense approach and just doing what is ethical. We have a responsibility for all things environmental and we need to preserve the resources and not create waste. Most importantly, we need to be proactive in all our decisions."

Company Responsibility

"We are only as good as our employees." - John McKenna

Our most important priority is continuing to invest in our dedicated employees. We are grateful to them for their unwavering commitment to Anodyne and we will continue to provide opportunities for expansion to them. By investing in our employees, we not only provide a family environment, but also provide the best quality and customer service in our industry. We are very proud of our customer feedback and our employees are the sole reason for our success.

Environmental Responsibility

"Going green" has become the buzzword of late but it entails a lot more than simply using environmental friendly products when convenient. At Anodyne, we strive to be proactive in our approach to the environment. By utilizing the latest technology, we control 100% of our emission and ensure no harmful substances ever pollute our air or our water. By complying with all local, state, and national laws, and being proactive in eliminating waste, Anodyne is striving to be the leader in environmental responsibility.

Social Responsibility

As good corporate citizens, we always strive to do what is right. By actively giving back to the community and maintaining high ethical standards, Anodyne has positioned itself to be a leader in social responsibility. Complying with local, state, and national laws is not enough. We are proactive in our approach and apply the "common sense and ethical" behavior at all times. We support and encourage our employees in fundraising events, community outreach, and volunteer programs.

Our Vision

As good corporate citizens, we are actively seeking ways to strengthen our commitment to our company, the environment, and society. This is achieved through investment in talent, enhanced customer satisfaction, actively managing risk, establishing roots in all key markets, and general good citizenship. In addition to our health, safety, and environmental initiatives, we are actively participating in social responsibility communication and reporting, employee engagement, and community outreach.
By achieving these initiatives, we are positioning ourselves to become the leaders in corporate, environmental, and social leadership.