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President's Message

We at Anodyne consider the protection and promotion of health, safety, and the environment a fundamental corporate responsibility and we place great value of the importance of promoting and safeguarding these principles.


We take pride in and engineering and processing products that have a wide variety of range and depth - from the defense of our Nation to consumer electronics, we are dedicated to continuously protecting our employees from occupational illness and work-related accidents, and promoting their health and wellness. It is furthermore our permanent challenge to continuously improve the environmental performance of our activities and products and to gradually apply a total lifecycle view while maintaining their competitiveness.

1. Integrate these principles into a governing action that dictates the actions of our Company.
2. Exceed the expectations of customers and applicable laws and regulations.
3. Adopt the required standards, procedures, contingency measures, and management and quality systems in order to ensure our operations are managed safely and in an environmentally-friendly fashion.
4. Foster employee health and prevent all occupational accidents and illnesses.
5. Promote safety and raise health awareness with all employees.
6. Prevent pollution and mitigate climate change whenever possible. Use the minimum amount of energy required for our operations and implement relevant emergency response plans and procedures.
7. Communicate to management, employees and contractors our commitment to improving health, safety and environmental performance and to provide training adapted to their needs.
8. Evaluate our health, safety and environmental performance through audits, and to improve our procedures and training whenever possible.

John McKenna
Chief Executive Officer & President