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Anodyne's Mission Statement: 

Exceed all customer expectations through innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement.  Always act with sincerity, honesty, and integrity. 

The latter portion of our mission statement applies to all of Anodyne's policies and procedures - ranging from customer relations to procurement practices to employee conduct.  Anodyne is fully committed to abiding by the highest ethical and conduct standards; always acting with the utmost sincerity, honesty, and integrity. This means that all business activity will be conducted fairly and impartially while in compliance with all laws and regulations. 

Anodyne's Values:

  •  Respect Team Members

Team members range from colleagues, customers, suppliers, and others we come into contact with in the business cycle.  Only by integrating these various team members can we provide the unmatched quality that our customers have come to expect from us.  Respecting team members is a critical requirement that instills a productive and forward-thinking environment that is dedicated to excellence.  And that is only achieved through an ethical approach of teamwork and building a solid foundation that all team members can contribute.

  • Positive Contribution

We encourage our employees to be innovative industry leaders that are committed to exceeding expectations.  This means using a common-sense approach, doing the right thing, and creating an atmosphere that esteems trust and integrity. 

  • Reputation is Key

Our customers rely on our reputation for quality and customer service.  Only by being honest and always acting with utmost integrity can we continue to build on that reputation.  It takes years to build a reputation but only moments to destroy it.  Therefore, we must always act with the best interest of our customers in mind and strictly comply with all laws and regulations.